Meet the Team

Dieter Thellman

Hello and welcome to our Quik Hands website!

I’m Dieter Thellmann, CEO and founder of Quik Hands LLC. Our company is based in Columbus, Ohio where my family and I also reside.  Soccer has been my passion my entire life and I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t playing or coaching the game.  I was part of the first Youth Soccer Team in Columbus in the 1960s and 1970s. In 1991, I began coaching the boy’s varsity soccer team at Watkins Memorial High School in Pataskala, Ohio and led that program to it’s first ever state championship in 2004.  In the 1990’s, I also had the pleasure of coaching soccer at The Ohio State University under then head coach Gary Avedikian.  Since 2004, I have been coaching goalkeepers at various Central Ohio programs, including Capital University, Mt. Vernon Nazarene College, Columbus DeSales High School, and Pickerington North High School.

Our first product, the Quik Hands weighted soccer goalkeeper glove, began as an idea I had while coaching soccer at the high school and college levels.  As a former goalkeeper myself, I was always looking for a way to improve my reaction time to the ball, my hand speed as well as my hand and eye coordination. I began focusing on resistance training as a possible way to improve my skills. My first experiment with a weighted glove was by using ankle weights around my wrists!  Way too heavy!  I then began to confer with local doctors about an appropriate weight level for a resistance training glove that would help build up and tone my skills and not damage muscle tissue and thus, the Quik Hands 3-weight packet amounts of 4 oz., 5.5 oz and 7 oz. were born.

Putting the weight packets on the back of the hand and making them removable became the next steps and the most important ones of our patented glove.  Now a goalkeeper could train and play with one pair of Quik Hands gloves by simply adding or removing a Quik Hands weight packet.

Currently there are 3 Quik Hands soccer goalkeeper gloves that are being sold in the US and Europe – the Super Pro Rollfinger, the Panther Finger Protection with removable spines and the Talon, our newest, lightweight goalkeeper glove.  All of our soccer gloves are manufactured in Europe and reflect the new streamlined, lighter-weight and more flexible design that has been successful in Europe.

The new Quik Hands Weighted Fitness Glove is actually our second-generation soccer glove intended as a fingerless, weighted training glove for soccer field players. However, it soon became apparent that it could be used in many other areas such as walking, running, aerobics, golf, tennis, etc. Even members of the medical field are testing it as a devise to help patients begin an exercise program.

We appreciate you visiting our website and purchasing our products!  I am sure you will love your “Quik Hands” as much as we do. I look forward to hearing how you use our glove and what they do for you!

Best regards,

Dieter Thellmann

Margit Thellmann

Hi! I’m Margit Thellmann, President of Quik Hands LLC. Thank you for your interest in our Quik Hands products and family.  My husband Dieter and I reside in Gahanna, OH with our three daughters and grandson. Quik Hands is a family-run business and we are all involved in some way.

I grew up on the Hilltop in Columbus and graduated from Columbus West High School. I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Education from The Ohio State University and Master’s from Dayton University. I have taught German for the past 23 years at Watkins Memorial High School and 10 years at Reynoldsburg High School.  My passion for the last 33 years has been teaching German, but I am happy to say that about 7 years ago, after being the soccer coach’s wife as well as a soccer mom for many years, I became involved with the Quik Hands Weighted goalkeeper Glove products, my husband’s patented glove . It has been a journey of many successes and trials, from a concept to a marketable product.  What began as an “idea” in my husband’s mind of how to improve a goalkeeper’s game has now become a series of weighted gloves that are being sold in the US and abroad.

I love our new line of weighted gloves, The Quik Hands Weighted Fitness Glove. I use them everyday while I am walking on the treadmill and I love the “quiker” cardio workout I get with them. I also slip on the gloves when I’m walking our dog Buddy. The gloves leave my hands free and I really feel the burn in my arms as they are toning and firming.  That’s always a plus, ladies!

I know you will love our products as much as our whole family does.  We appreciate your business.

Thanks and best regards,
Margit Thellmann

Jeff Horch

Jeff Horch lives with his wife and two sons in New Albany, OH. They all enjoy the outdoors – hiking, walking, boating, swimming, golfing – and they always wear their Quik Hands Weighted Fitness Glove while CrossFit training. Jeff grew up on the Hilltop area of Columbus, OH, and played football, basketball, baseball, and golf.

Jeff has expertise in technologies for the hospitality market, and web-based travel and e-commerce technology solutions. He has also worked in sales and account management for more than 20 years, and focused on generating new revenue streams from non-traditional sources. He has worked for the NCR Corp, Red Roof Inns, the Cendant Corp, Travelport, and Optimer Brands.

Jeff earned a bachelor’s degree in finance from the Ohio State University.

Harold Sass

With a career devoted to cultivating relationships, Harold combines broad thinking with focused execution. The most successful teams in business combine the very best of creative, analytical and technical skills, and Harold is passionate about bringing these together. With the experience gained from senior leadership roles at Century Graphics, and 30 years of owning Anchor Press printing company, Harold’s background is a balance of technical, project management and marketing expertise that spans forty years.

Quick with observations and an ever-present sense of humor, he brings an innate curiosity and passion for sports and sports training. An energetic family man Harold has coached many sports teams from baseball to basketball and has built such a great relationship with his team members that he is still in contact with many of those athletes today.

A zealous fan needs an active life and Harold stays fit by training at his son’s sports training facility, SpeedDoctorz in Hilliard (OH). He also enjoys fishing, golf and speed-walking with his wife – while wearing their Quik Hands gloves, of course!

Harold is an Alumni of Columbus (OH) College of Art and Design.