PST FB1 Neckwarmer


European players wear this Neckwarmer during warm-up.

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  • European players wear this Neckwarmer during warm-up and practices to protect their neck muscles from strain and injury.
  • PST’s Neckwarmer is light weight and designed especially for winter soccer.
  • It has an extra wide neck which allows the athlete to breathe naturally.
  • This Neckwarmer is coated with a wicking material to reduce moisture buildup.
  • 100% cotton keeps neck muscles warm reducing strains and injuries due to cold.

Premier Sock Tape, a cutting edge company, is the first to produce and sell a neckwarmer specifically designed for the soccer market. The FB1 Neckwarmer is made from 100% cotton and treated with a coating to help wicking and breathability. The extra wide neck allows the user to breathe reducing the buildup of excess moisture and yet functions to keep cold air away from your warmed muscles.

The idea behind the neckwarmer is simple, to help prevent neck muscle strain and injury in cold and freezing temperatures. Tests have found that by wearing the neckwarmer in training or pre-match warm-ups athletes can have up to a 75% reduction in neck related strains and injuries.

Each package contains 1 FB1 Neckwarmer

Colors: Black

Size: One Size Fits All

Material: 100% Cotton

Weight: 3.2 ounces per package