PST Shin Guard Tape


Offers a comfortable wrap to keep shin guards from slipping and moving during play.

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  • PST’s Shin Guard Tape offers a comfortable wrapto keep shin guards from slipping and moving during play.
  • Used below the shin guard to secure and stabilize.
  • Is a flexible, expandable shin guard tape for professional and amateur soccer players.
  • SGR Tape won’t stain or leave a gummy mess on socks like other tapes.
  • SGR Tape is an extra long roll making it less expensive than other tapes.
  • The product is water-resistant.
  • Available in 10 colors: white, blue, red, black, yellow, green, orange, maroon, light blue, royal
  • Easy to tear with a quick snap.
  • Used by professional footballers in England.

Shin Guard Retainer Tape (SGR Tape) has been developed over the past two seasons as a replacement for the very restrictive zinc oxide tapes that have been used in the past to secure the socks below the shin guards. It is 1½ inches wide and made to tear easily for player convenience.

SGR Tape is made from a special ultra-stretch,soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This tape has white on white embossed branding and through a special process our tape is even more flexible. This heat stretch property makes the SGR tape more comfortable to wear and closer fitting around the shin.

SGR Tape is now worn and trusted by many Premier League Teams and players alike.

You will find that SGR Tape will out-perform zinc oxide tape, athletic tape, sports tape, adhesive tape, football wrap and is cheaper per foot than these tape choices. These other tapes are meant to immobilize the joints and muscles and not meant to secure shin guards of a an active, healthy soccer player. SGR Tape stretches as the muscles warms keeping the player in top shape.

With 65½ feet per roll, SGR Tape gives almost twice as many wraps as other tape choices.

Colors: White, Blue, Red, Black, Green, Yellow, Orange, Maroon, Light Blue, Royal

Individual Roll Dimensions: 1½ inches wide, 65½ foot long per roll, 4.8 ounces