Changing the way goalkeepers train around the world.

“QH has helped improve my focus and reaction time”
Albert Jorquera, Formerly playing for Barcelona FC

“The gloves give you the added workout you’re looking for. Great burn.”
Capt. G. Avedikian, USMC

Weighted Fitness Glove

“I wear Quik Hands Weighted Fitness Gloves while outside working and tinkering around … I put them on and leave them on. The gloves noticeably reduce my tremors, and my hands are much more steady. Plus, I have no restrictions as to the tasks I can perform with them on.”
Dick Doup 
Knox County (OH) resident and Parkinson’s Disease patient

Weighted Gloves - Fitness Gloves

“As a sports medicine orthopedic specialist I am presented with many opportunities to evaluate fitness and training aids. The Quik Hands System is one such device which I believe offers the highly trained and conditioned athlete, as well as the everyday recreational exerciser, an excellent opportunity for fitness benefits without anything more than slipping their hand into a glove. The principle behind the Quik Hands System is simple. Just as an ankle weight increases the amount of energy needed to move the ankle through space, the Quik Hands weighted gloves allow for an increase in strength both in the hand itself as well as all of the muscles of the forearm, arm and shoulder. By using these gloves not only will there be a gentle strengthening of the forearm, arm , and shoulder but calorie burning is also increased without increasing exercise time. This product has been used by professional goalies in training in the past and does increase hand speed and strength when used by athletes with an upper extremity component to their sport. It is equally helpful in the person looking to increase fitness and calorie burn without lengthening workout time.”
Peter H. Edwards, M.D.

“This is a unique method of providing neuromuscular overload while being specific to the sport. Great idea!”
Dr. Terry Shepherd
founder of HIT Centers and a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology

“I just tried Quik Hands at my tennis clinic this afternoon and while working on my treadmill and just love them!”
Kris Kliebhan,

“I wear the Weighted Fitness Gloves when I do any of my workouts. I really feel great after wearing them doing my p90x KempoX routine.”
David Kauffman

“I started using the Quik Hands Universal Wellness Gloves during my weight loss program.  They added a new dimension to my daily work-out routine.  They not only helped me burn more calories but toned my arms as well.  The combination helped accelerate my weight loss.  They became an important part of my everyday training.”
Connie Thomas
Columbus, OH

“As an avid distance runner and triathlete I often struggled with fatigue in my neck and shoulders in the late stage of races. I was amazed at how the problem disappeared after simply incorporating the Quik Hands Weighed Gloves into my training routine. After three marathons and two triathlons this year, including a personal record at this year’s Air Force Marathon and a Top 10 finish in the Little Miami Triathlon, I am very thankful that you introduced me to the product. I am really looking forward to more benefits from my Quik Hands Weighed Gloves next year.”
Major David Shahady, USAFR